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    2016 witnessed the breakout of FPV racing. The excitement from the World Drone Prix in Dubai swept across the globe and the XBlades Racing 

    team took the top prize, immediately gaining considerable fame. Like an empire on which the sun never sets, the XBlades team is influencing
    more pilots with their excellent flying skills and extraordinary performance.

    In a similar way, the F-series motor range from T-MOTOR with their remarkable quality and explosive power, is now favoured by many top
    international pilots. T-MOTOR is delighted to announce its new “Official Motor Supplier” relationship with XBlades Racing Team for 2017. We are
    absolutely convinced that 2017 will be the year of FPV racing and that T-MOTOR together with XBlades Racing, will be a mighty combination to
    create some amazing and astounding racing experiences throughout the year.

    Let’s get acquainted with some of the Top Pilots from XBlades

    Luke Bannister aka BanniUK (Winner of more prestigious FPV races than anyone else. Truly a young master of the art!)


    Gary Kent aka JusticeFPV (Gary is really just ultra-cool as he uses crazy speeds but with stability to chase more and more successes)


    Daniel Pachon aka Dani Pacha(The craziest and most entertaining pilot you could ever meet with real love and talent for Freestyle flying)


    Alexandre Madroux aka SkyLex (Another pilot that just loves to Freestyle, training hard now and someone to watch out for during 2017)


    Brett Collis aka CollisionFPV (An accomplished, analytical and consistent racer, with many UK race successes)


    Adam Blackburn aka AdamFPVKid(A very quiet and shy 9-year-old – destined to be a future star)


    Maciej Poschwald aka MACFPV (A supercool risk-taking racer, that races standing up and has many international competitions under his belt)


    The group photo


    Attached is a video of Luke Bannister from his presentation during WIRED Next Generation 2016.